Malice cover with Tall Jake

Tall Jake is the main antagonist in the book series Malice. He is a dark ruler of the world Malice, a place that exist in a comic book with the same name. He brings kids into Malice when anyone performs a ritual to summon him. He takes them to Malice were they will meet their demise of what is waiting for them. Tall Jake creates traps through out Malice and lets horrifying creatures kill anyone who thinks they can escape. He is aware that he is in a comic book, he talks to the readers on the demises of others, at one point involving a ceiling fan and how they might be next.

He uses fear and belief as a way to impower him and strives to concour both our world and Malice. As a deity he feeds on such things and uses Malice as a way to impower him further. After a drawn out battle in Havoc, the hero's follow him back to the waking world to finish him off. He meets his end in Havoc when Seth (the protagonist) stabs him in the neck with the fountain pen used to write the comic "Malice".