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Talking Angela is an app that functions much like Evie or other "chat bots" but became the focus of an incredibly popular internet hoax that turned into a full-blown urban legend that still exists to this day despite being exposed as false by many experts. In an ironic twist the ghost stories surrounding the app have only furthered its popularity.


Talking Angela was released as part of a series of popular apps centring around athropomorphic animals that would react to touch-screen, facial recognition and voice technology - featuring Angela, a white cat prone to sitting down and discussing things with whoever may be playing the app.

The app had a "child" filter designed to protect children from potentially unwanted material but sometimes this filter didn't always work as intended, allowing children to interact with the app in inappropriate ways. According to internet legend Talking Angela had advanced hacking systems that were used to allow real-life pedophiles to take on the role of the titular "Angela" (an anthropomorphic cat) and use the app to spy on children and obtain illegal information such as names, addresses and so forth.

Despite being little more than internet ghost stories the legend spiraled out of control and soon the app became the focus of a full-blown moral panic as many people started to believe the app was capable of feats that were technologically impossible (verging on supernatural) : such as Angela being able to use her eyes as webcams and children disappearing after downloading the app.


  • the Talking Angela hoax is very similar to internet "creepypasta" and just like "creepypasta" many people were fooled into believing it was real.
  • the idea of the internet harboring dark, evil secrets is very much linked to the idea of the "Deep Web", a largely fictional belief that the internet has many hidden networks of criminals that share their content online (popularized in movies dealing with "Snuff films" and the like).

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