The Talent Suckers are reoccurring villains/protagonists who appeared in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. Their names are Vlad, Nikolai, and Mitch.


The Talent Suckers made their first appearance in Talent Suckers, where they sucked the talent out of Ami and Yumi and they play their own band. To get the girls' talent back, Kaz orders a pizza with garlic covering it and the girls get their talent back.

In Talent Suckers Return, the Talent Suckers get a job at Darrell Dome after being the opening act and have to pay six hundred dollars to Mr. Darrell.

In A Grave Mistake, they make a mistake by rising zombies and need to find a way to reverse the spell.


  • The Talent Suckers are fan-favorites, as proven by their solo appearances and background appearances since their titular debut.