Taki Aizawa is in a way the main antagonist of the shounen-ai series Gravitation.

Character description

Taki was the lead vocalist of the band ASK. An overconfident, and ambitious young man, he grew envious of the increasingly popular band Bad Luck. He especially had it out for its lead vocalist Shuichi Shindou. When he learned of Shuichi's relationship with the romance novelist Eirin Yuki, he did everything that he could to threaten it. He even lured him to an area where he was beaten up and gangraped by Taki's henchmen. Taki then took a picture of the event and attempted to use it as blackmail. When Yuki discovered what Taki did, he decided to pay him a visit and severely beat up one of Taki's band members. Taki later threatens Yuki and vows that he would ruin their relationship only to be beaten up by Shuichi after he came in flying through the wall. Tohma Seguchi, the president of NG Recording, heard about what Taki had done, and dropped him from the company and pushed him into the direction of an incoming car, though it didn't hit him. Tohma then proclaimed that he loved Eiri more than anything else in the world and left Taki in the street. Taki was horrified at what had occurred. As added insult to injury, it was implied that ASK's popularity plummeted after he was dropped from the listing, and that he brought everything that he did onto his own head. However, despite everything that he had done , his band members still remained at his side before the show ended.