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The Ninjitsu Master

Shaolin Challenges Ninja - Gordon Liu vs04:02

Shaolin Challenges Ninja - Gordon Liu vs. japanese crab technique!

Takeno is one of the Japanese Masters from the 1978 Martial Arts film, Heroes of the East.

He was portrayed by Yasuaki Karata. 


Takeno was a Japanese man, who trained presumably by then Dojo Grandmaster, in the art of Ninjitsu. He was in some sort of relationship with Yumiko Yoda before she came to China, and would have, apparently, courted to marry her if she were not already arranged to marry Ha Tao. He enjoyed walking around gardens in his kimono.

Heroes of the East

In the movie, Takeno took the job of comforting Yumiko after she felt that she was rotrayed by her husband. He also intercepted his letter to her, and took it to the dojo to demonstrate the insult to the Chinese. He came with the other six masters to Japan in order to challenge Ha Tao, and was decided to be the last to challenge Ha Tao. As with the Judo master, Takeno took his challenge literally and attacked Ha Tao in his house at the stroke of midnight, engaging in multiple series of fake-outs and hidden attacks before Takeno took the fight elsewhere. Takeno than ran to a nearby river, where he set up a series of elaborate traps and disguised himself as a ferryman. WHen an old man asked him for directions, Takeno realized it was a disguised Ha Tao and attacked him, while they both challenged the other, Takeno eventually managed to force Ha Tao underwater. AFter seeing the Chinese man drown, Takeno recognized him as a worthy opponent and brought him to the other Japanese master, where Ha Tao awoke and attacked him, revealing that he used Chinese martial arts to only appear dead.