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Takeda Kanryū is the primary antagonist of the series, Rurouni Kenshin.
Takeda Kanryū
He is a ruthless businessman who was obsessed with guns and money. He recruited Takei Magumi for opium trafficking before she escaped after she witnessed the death of her master, who was a previous opium maker who refused to continue making this drug of death. Kanryū sent Shinomori Aoshi and his gang to track down Magumi's whereabouts before discovering her living in Kamiya Dojo. When Kenshin Himura and his gang rescued Megumi, Kaunyu called Oniwabanshū to kill Kenshin, but instead both Aoshi and his four personal men regard him as trash obsessed with money, which triggered Kanyu to use his Gatling gun to kill all his enemies in the mansion, including Oniwabanshū, who proctored Aoshi. Kanyu was beaten by Kenshin, arrested, and secented to death for his crimes.