Taka, oringally known as Hebi, is a group of four man squad led by Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto Shippuden.

After abandoning Orochimaru, Sasuke decide to get those who were orginally his subodirantes or test subjects.

The first member was Suigetsu he wanted to collect the seven swords from the Seven swordsmen of the mist, the second was Karin a decesndant of the Uzumaki clan who is the only female member who wants to get close to Sasuke, and the last is Jugo a friend of Kimimaro's who is the source of Orochimaru's curse mark seals.

Their main goal was to kill Itachi but Tobi of Akatsuki tells Sasuke the truth about the brother and his mission Sasuke decided to take revenge against the Leaf Village and teams up with Akatsuki.



  • Suigetsu is the only member that his eyes don't match his hair color.
  • When resting atop Madara's statue in the valley of the End, Tobi wondered whether Sasuke, the next time the young Uchiha "shedded his skin", would stay a "snake" (蛇, hebi) or turn into a "hawk" (鷹, taka).[2] Madara, who Tobi was impersonating at the time, was stated to have the hobby of falconry. The team's name is connected to Tobi also through a Japanese proverb: "a hawk born from a kite" (鳶が鷹を生む, tobi ga taka o umu), meaning that an extraordinarily gifted child can be born from ordinary parents.
  • The four members of the team connect to each animatronic of Five Nights at Freddy's in a way.
    • Sasuke is connected to Bonnie the Bunny because both include purple in their appearance, both are the one from their teams to appear the most and the first ones to "move" or appear, and both lost their left arms at some point.
    • Karin would be connected with Chica the Chicken because both are the only females in their teams and are often paired with the guy from their team which could be her bully or is her bully (Chica is a chicken and foxes, Foxy's type, are known for eating chickens. Karin is bullied by Suigetsu).
    • Suigetsu would be connected to Foxy the Pirate because both are the only members of their teams to have sharp teeth only, both stayed in a cylinder shaped place before their appearance (although Foxy goes back there sometimes), and both are somehow related to water (Foxy is a pirate, who are known for sailing).
    • Juugo would be connected to Freddy Fazbear because both were the last ones in the teams to "move" or appear and are the least active in the teams (since Freddy moves only after night 3 and Juugo dislikes to fight), Juugo is known also as Bipolar Juugo and bears are said to be bipolar, and when they become dangerous, the white part of their eyes turn black or dark.
    • Although Tobi is only affiliated to the team, he could be connected to Golden Freddy because both lack at least one eye, both are related to the team's leader, both can teleport, and both appear to be "dead" or playing dead. Tobi appeared to be crushed by boulders and killed but later show up as one of the most dangerous enemies of the franchise. Golden Freddy appears to be in a "playing dead" position and suddenly jumpscares the player.