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Tak Mashido is the creator of many successful bots that took part in the WRB (World Robot Boxing) including current champion Zeus and the well known Noisy Boy.

He is also Farra Lemkova's partner and the main antagonist in the 2011 action film Real Steel.


  • Mashido is brilliant and a master robotics expert. However he is extremely arrogant, over confident, condescending and hot tempered. Before Atom, he had never known defeat. So after Zeus's near loss, he went through a rage and destroyed the systems.
  • Tak Mashido is a talented technology engineer, and is recruited by Farra Lemkova to create the best robot fighter ever made, Zeus. He first appears in the movie after a fight in the WRB between Zeus and another bot. Later in the movie he fights Atom and was almost defeated but saved by the bell. After the match ended, when questioned about the near defeat by a commentator, he did not reply and stormed off obviously upset.


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