Tad and Chad are two popular boys at Dimmsdale Elementary School who dislike Timmy Turner and his unpopular friends, and are often times seen publicly ridiculing him in front of Trixie Tang and his other classmates.


They are often seen hanging with other students, notably Trixie Tang and Veronica, and encouraging others to scorn Timmy and the other unpopular students. Because they're mostly referred together instead of individually, there are, so far, only three episodes where it's possible to tell which one is Chad and which one is Tad. Hail to the Chief, where they call each other by name (and their title as co-President of the Student Council); Movie Magic, where Chad wears a cap with the letter C on it and Tad wears a similar cap with a T instead of Chad's C; and Scary Godparents, where Chad makes a nasty comment to Tad about Elmer.


Tad is Caucasian and has blond hair and wears a purple shirt and sunglasses. Chad wears the same attire, only he is African-American and has dark hair. Their attire is considered stylish, and Timmy wore a similar get up when he wished for popular clothes in A Wish Too Far. It should also be noted that their Bouncer wears similar clothing, and all three all wear their sunglasses all the time (even indoors). It is unknown whether or not the two boys and the Bouncer are related in any way. They speak in a very pretentious manner much like Remy Buxaplenty.


They like to pick on characters that are not rich, such as Timmy and his friends Chester and A.J. and other unpopular students. They tend to throw parties on their yachts along with the other popular students Trixie Tang and Veronica, the latter of whom also is not always safe from Tad and Chad's snide remarks and public humiliation


Tad and Chad are the student body co-Presidents. They abuse their powers, which lead to the kids voting for Timmy instead, but when Timmy did not like the attention the position brought he resigned from office and Tad and Chad were re-elected in his place. In sports, they go out their way to pick Timmy last. They tend to buy expensive gadgets, such as jet packs to get away from Mr. Crocker on March 15, Segways to help them move around when they became obese when Timmy wished for desserts all the time everyone ate. and expensive Halloween costumes that transform into a planet-destroying robot on behalf of one of Timmy's wishes.

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