Taco the Toucan

His evil laugh

Taco is a notorious toucan who is known for siding with Jazz and Leopoldo, who are also very villainous. He is known to be very antagonistic towards Adam, who is an innocent armadillo. He is only shown in Season 2 in 64 Zoo Lane.


Taco is known to be very notorious by attempting to scare Adam and setting up traps to scare him. Also, in his final appearance, his behavior shows his power to getting treasure from Itchy Quetzal the mysterious mountain.

Villainous Acts

Season 2

The Story of the Monster in the Forest

Taco tries to scare Adam with many traps. His most notorious deed is when he spills out an avalanche of forest nuts. The trap didn't scare Adam, which resulted him to lose his temper. Another most despicable deed is when he works with Jazz and Leopoldo to build an epic trap for Adam to be scared. As the boulder began rolling quickly, he and the other two end up getting thwarted. Taco ended up crashing into a tree full of fruits.

Before trying to scare Adam, he and the other two are scared by an anaconda named Annie. The other three retreated when the giant snake shows up.

The Story of Annie the Anaconda

Open up, you silly box! I want my treasure!
~ Taco, yelling at the chest to open itself.

Even though Taco is never shown trying to scare Adam, we see him speeding through the muddy pit. Jazz and Leopoldo would have warned the toucan for being fast, because this is another aggressive attitude done by him.

Also, he tries to ask the treasure chest to open by itself. However, the mysterious mountain warns him that one must share and work together. Soon as Adam and Annie arrived, the other three realized they must share the treasure full of forest nuts. The three had a party and reformed that everyone must share the treasure.


  • Taco is voiced by Dan Russell, who impersonated Bruce Lanoil.