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Oopise Doodle!
~ Taco-Man's Catchpharse

Out through he mainly a good guy in his series but in about several videos he has done some some villainous acts.


  • Taco-Man plays D (Recorded Live): Besides playing D on the 3DO, he passes out candy, that was actually poisonous and presumed to killed those tricker or treaters at the end of the video.
  • Taco-Man Safety Tips Hide and Seek: He locked up a boy in an outside storage.
  • Taco-Man Safety Tips Stranger Danger: He forced the kids to get in a stranger's car.
  • Taco-Man Safety Tips Internet Porn: He forced some boys to watch porn when they are under the age 18.
  • Taco-Man Safety Tips Berry Good: He made a boy eat a poisonous berry and possibly killed a girl by kicking her.
  • Taco-Man Safety Tips Guns: He murdered a boy and a friend of his and a short after that, he killed the boy's parents and the viewer at the end of the video with a ominous "Good night!"


  • Taco-Man seems to be mainly the main antagonist in Taco-Man: Safety Tips.

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