Tabitha Robbins
Tabitha Robbins was a one-shot villainess from Friday the 13th:  The Series. She appeared in Season Two's "Face of Evil."

She was played by Laura Robinson.

Tabitha Robbins was an aging model who was upset that younger models are getting opportunities she used to have. She later finds a cursed compact (the same one from "Vanity's Mirror") from Joanne Mackie's (the sister of villainess Helen Mackie from the aforementioned episode) purse, and starts looking in it, upset at the signs of aging on her face. She called her personal plastic surgeon, Dr. Sterling, to make her appear as she did years ago, but he refuses. Tabitha looks at the compact again and sees an image of Sterling with his face ravaged from shards of glass. After that, the two argued, which led to Tabitha pushing Sterling over the stair rail and through a glass table, killing him. When Tabitha looks at the compact again, she sees that the lines on her face are gone, much to her villainous pleasure.

Tabitha's next victim is Sandy, a younger model who was promoted over her. She approached Sandy while she was preparing for a big photo shoot and shined the compact in her face, which later showed an image of Sandy with half of her face burned. Later on, Sandy's face catches on fire while she was spraying her hair (and with a lit cigarette in her mouth), while the evil Tabitha watches with extreme satisfaction. Upset at being passed over again by another model, Kamichi, Tabitha set her sights on not only her, but her photographer lover, Emery, as well. Tabitha used the compact on them, and at that moment, a stream of lights fell on them, killing Emery and scarring Kamichi.

Joanne (who was working at the studio) snatches the compact from Tabitha, leading to a confrontation that also involved Micki and Ryan. Tabitha regained the object and attempted to use it on the trio, but they later held up mirrors to deflect the power back to her. After being hit by the light of the compact more than once, Tabitha's face becomes ravaged and disfigured, and she ends up perishing while trying to get the compact back.