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Tabitha is a minor villain in Fallout: New Vegas. She is an insane Nightkin Super mutant and a former general in The Master's army who is now the leader of the mutants at Black Mountain, or as she calls it, the "State of Utobitha".

She is apparently in love with a Mr. Handy robot named "Rhonda" who is currently broken, and has developed a split personality of Rhonda. She is holding the Ghoul mechanic Raul Tejada prisoner, who is supposed to be executed but is pardoned every day because Tabitha still wants him to fix Rhonda. Tabitha hosts her own radio show with "Rhonda" from the satellites at Black Mountain, where she talks about how great mutants and the State of Utobitha are. As propaganda, this is completely ineffective to any remotely sane person, but is nonetheless hilarious to listen to.

Besides the obvious solution of just killing Tabitha, the player can make peace with her by repairing Rhonda using a high science skill, causing Tabitha to leave Black Mountain with her robot friend for parts unknown. If you do this, the ending states that they travelled far east into Caesar's Legion territory and had many adventures, becoming popular children's folk heroes.

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