Tabemon Monsters act as major antagonists of the surreal video-game "The Munchables".
They are a gang of space-pirates that stole the Legendary Orbs of the planet Star Vin and sought to take over the universe, using the power of the orbs to mutate themselves into powerful super-beings.
Unfortunately for the Tabemon Monsters they also happened to resemble vegetables and as such the inhabitants of Star Vin came up with a novel way to deal with the alien menace: namely by devouring them all.
The first group of Tabemon Monsters are found in Star Vin Village where they are already beginning to pillage and loot, yet these low-level monsters are no match for the hungry hero of the story and fall rather quickly, however their are numerous Leaders that do not die so easily.
The Tabemon Monsters are next faced in a jungle ruin where they are using strange machines to drain the energy of nature - causing the jungle to wither and die, to stop this the Great Elder has the hero devour both the machines and the Tabemon Monsters that have invaded the area.
After saving the jungle the hero must stop another gang of Tabemon Monsters from expanding a desert at the expense of others via devouring the leader pirates.
The next task is situated in Gulp Ocean where the pirates are flooding the area with robotic fish and the hero must foil their plans by ( guess it..) eating all the robots.
The next Tabemon Monster target was the floating island of Blue Blue Sky, where they were causing mischief until the arrival of the ravenous hero put an end to their schemes.
After this the Tabemon Monsters were faced in Dessert Factory where they had taken over and began to use the factory to make more Tabemon Monsters but once again were defeated by the Great Elder and the hero.
The final confrontation with the Tabemon Monsters takes place in the strange world of Mount Brim, which is an impossible fusion of a winter wonderland and volcanic hazard-zone.

Unique Tabemon Monsters (Bosses)

  • Don Onion (not an actual Tabemon Monster but their creator/ruler and main antagonist of the game)