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Tabaqui in the TV Series

"Shere Khan, the great one, has shifted his hunting grounds, or so he has told me.
~ Tabaqui
Tabaqui is a jackal and Shere Khan's sidekick in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, thus making him the secondary antagonist, replacing Kaa in some versions.

He is a scavenger who is despised by the wolves and has a tendancy to fawn on Shere Khan and greatly hates being insulted. However, he is very cowardly and usually prefers flee to fight. He is also known to be a liar, so Mowgli is often imformed by Bagheera and Baloo that Tabaqui is not to be trusted. He was originally to appear with his master and Kaa the python as a minor antagonist and voiced by James MacDonald, bu he was deleted. Though he does not appear in the 1994 live action remake, "Tabaqui" is a name for one of the human villains. Tabaqui, however, does appear in other, animated, film and TV adaptations of  The Jungle Book, but in most of them he appears as a hyena, not a Jackal. In Chuck Jones' made-for-TV special adaptation of the book, the way Tabaqui is animated gives him a striking resemblance to Wile E. Coyote.

In live action film

In the 1994 film, Tabaqui is a human, serving as the henchman of Buldeo, who is the right-hand man to William Boone. When William discovers a jeweled dagger that Mowgli is in possession of, Buldeo and Tabaqui plot with William and his friend Lieutenant Wilkins to convince Mowgli into taking them to Monkey City where there is more treasure. When Mowgli refuses, they decide to kidnap him instead.

The attempt to capture Mowgli fails as well so they kidnap William's former girlfriend and Mowgli's love interest Kitty Brydon, along with her father Colonel Brydon, and threaten their lives unless Mowgli cooperates. Mowgli agrees to take them to the city, as long as they survive the dangerous jungle.

The next morning, Sergeant Harley, one of William's men, sinks in quicksand when attempting to catch Mowgli and the group proceeds through the jungle, supervised by Mowgli. Later that day, Tabaqui aggressively confronts Mowgli atop some cliffs and tries to throw him off the edge. Mowgli fights back, only to be pummeled and overpowered. Tabaqui nearly crushes Mowgli with a small boulder but Mowgli recovers quickly and kicks Tabaqui in the groin. This causes Tabaqui to lose his balance and under the weight of the boulder, he stumbles backwards and ends up screaming as he falls off the cliff, meeting his death near the waterfall.


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