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Taaru the Terrible was a super-villain in Marvel comics, a malevolent magic-user and enemy of the Valkyrie.


At some point in history Taaru obtained the mystical artefacts known as the Talismans of Power, which were originally in the possession of the villainous Diablo.

Upon gaining authority over the Talismans of Power Taaru quickly gained mastery over a small village in China, going as far as gaining his own castle - he was a horrible tyrant and enslaved or imprisoned anyone that did not obey his every will : he was also a womanizer who forced women into joining his "stable" (another term for a harem).

Yet the petty tyrant made an error when he set his Elemental creations against the heroic Valkyrie, who engaged in a long battle with the monsters but was sadly defeated - not much for intelligence Taaru decided against killing Valkyrie and instead wanted to force her to be part of his "stable" - thus when she awoke she was in the prison below Taaru's throne room.

Taaru had his Chancellor bring Valkyrie to him upon her awakening and gloated of his power, claiming he owned everything and everyone - even Valkyrie's enchanted sword, Dragonfang.

Valkyrie was not about to be enslaved by Taaru and jumped through his Water elemental in order to reclaim her sword, allowing her to fight off Taaru's monsters - after which she easily defeated Taaru himself, grabbing the Talismans of Power from his neck and crushing them with her bare fists.

Taaru was left utterly helpless as his magic was instantly stripped and all his followers fled, Valkyrie proceeded to free all of Taaru's prisoners and dropped Taaru into his own prison where he was killed by those he had tormented for so long.


Taaru was a magic-user who gained most of his abilities from the Talismans of Power, with these mystic items he could summon elemental servants based on the four ancient elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.


  • Taaru is not the only villain to have used the Talismans of Power, they were originally utilized by Diablo.