Ta and Sa are characters from the 1974 TV series Land of the Lost and its 2009 film adaptation of the same name. They are Cha-Ka's tribe mates and possibly his parents or elder siblings.

Though they are not always considered as villains in the TV series, Ta is domineering, egoistic and treacherous, and he never trusted the Marshalls. In the film, Ta and Sa are even more villainous since they tried to kill Cha-Ka.

TV series

Ta and Sa are recurring characters in the TV series.

They are two Pakuni from the same tribe as Cha-Ka and they constantly look after him and boss him around. Ta seems to be the "alpha" Pakuni. Though he never comes to trust the Marshalls, in some occasions they could bargain with him, but he generally attempts to cheat them. 

In season three, an earthquake separates them from Cha-Ka and they are not seen after.


Ta and Sa briefly appear in the movie as minor villains.

Shortly after their arrival in the Land of the Lost, Rick, Holly and Will see Ta and Sa attempting to murder Cha-Ka. They decide to intervene, and Will uses his lighter to scare them away. Unfortunately, he burns his hand and drops his lighter, so Ta and Sa steal it and flee.

They aren't seen again for the rest of the film.


  • Sa is apparently a female in the series but a male in the film since the females Pakuni are shown to be human-looking at the ending.