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The TV UCHVU is a galactic tv that is ruled by aliens that has various shows. One of his TV shows, is a show that invaders tries to conquer various planets. The current target is the Earth, where Hireashi, the director of the show, uses power to create monsters to conquest the Earth, but Wombat used Gōra to protect the Earth, and how the Earth was not conquered, the show was cancelled and Hireashi lost his office.


The members

After, they remake the show, with the help of the Caerula Adamas, uses humans to conquer the world, but the new battle lovers of Wombat stop his schemes.

In the final, the remake is cancelled again and Hireashi returns with Zundar to their planet.



Is probably a zoomorphic villainess that is the master of Hireashi and fired him.


Is a fish that feigned to be a normal fish and hid with the reporters of in the Binan College. Uses a giant hedgehog-fish robot to defeats the Battle Lovers in the final.


Main article: Conquest Club

Kou Kinosaki

Is one of the two human that hid Hireashi of the Caerula Adamas and of the students; his functions are hides Hireashi and interviews the fighters.

Masuya Tazawa

Is the main sidekick of Kou Kinosaki. His main fuctions are hides Hireashi and films the fighters.


  • TV UCHVU might be the obvious parody of the real-life TV Tokyo Corporation, television station headquartered in Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo, Japan due to both logos resembling each other.