And allow me to introduce myself - T.W. Barker. The ringleader of T.W. Barker's Circus of Plunders.
~ T.W. Barker introducing himself to Sonic's Team.

T.W. Barker is a major villain of Sonic Boom show. He is a ringmaster with british accent, whose circus lost almost everybody in crew, so he come up with a plan to capture Sonic the Hedgehog's team and make them work on him.


Dude, where's my Eggman?

T.W. Barker made a minor role when Orbot and Cubot was going to sell him Dr. Eggman's Eggmobile in order to find Eggman himself. Barker tricked them into test-driving Eggmobile, so then Orbot and Cubot could name their own price. However, he stole the Eggmobile, only for Dr. Eggman to somehow return with it later whilst not becoming enemies with T.W. Barker.

Circus of Plunders

You can't leave me here! Come back!
~ Barker, trapped in the Sphere of Fear.

He appears as the real villain of the episode. First he met Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks after their battle against Octopus-Bot of Dr. Eggman and Tails left them. He showed them that his circus is almost out of business as there are only two his sidekicks-bears left, and telling that he wanted to make children happy, he got Amy and then the others by his side.

They made a tremendous success on their show, but then Barker trapped Amy, Sticks and Knuckles into iron cages and Sonic himself into the Sphere of Fear made by Dr. Eggman, who also sold him several of his motobugs, which Barker used to secure the heroes. However, Sonic was able to contact Tails, who rescued his friends. As his sidekicks-bears was knocked out and the motobugs were destroyed, Barker tried to escape only for Sonic to chase him in the Sphere of Fear, in which T.W. Barker was trapped, shouting the heroes to return and get him out of the bottle.

Don't Judge Me

T.W. Barker appears to be freed, working as a lawyer of Dr. Eggman. He helps him to accuse Sonic the Hedgehog into injuring him hard due to the latest battle. In court, Barker and JudgeBot nearly sentenced Sonic to the punishment when Amy interrupted and showed off her "gavel", being insulted by JudgeBot. T.W. Barker was shocked and fell from the shock wave only for Eggman to launch his assault as Sonic busted his health.

It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog

T.W. Barker joins the villain group consist of Dr. Eggman, the Lightningbolt Society, Charlie and Shadow the Hedgehog. His part of plan was to distract Miles "Tails" Prower with his plane while controlling Octopusbot. When Eggman accidentally blinded Shadow with a camera flash, the battle turned on the villain and Octopusbot with Barker struck into a stone a was destroyed.



T.W. Barker's returning as a lawyer of Dr. Eggman