T.J. is the lead gang member in the Christian drama, Courageous.
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In the movie

In the opening scene, he is seen jumping Nathan's (one of the police in the movie) car. Nathan desperately lunges himself onto the side of the car, putting up a good fight, until the car crashes. T.J. escapes unharmed.

Later, Nathan, along with the other police, chase down gang members in the ghetto. They seem successful, but unbeknownst to them, there are other gangsters (including T.J., who is seen imitating a gunshot after the chase).

In another scene, Derrick, a boy who has a crush on Nathan's daughter (Jade), is seen being kicked and beaten in order to be accepted into T.J.'s gang. When he later tries to woo Jade, Nathan disapproves.

In the end scene, Derrick is driving along with T.J. and another fellow gang member. They're pulled over by cops, so T.J. gets his gun ready. Derrick, realizing one of the cops is Nathan, pulls T.J. back, causing a misfire, and Nathan is sent to the ground right in the path of another vehicle. He survives and it results into a gunfight between the police and the gangsters.

A bypassing little girl notices the commotion and watches, but the gangsters chase after her and try to abduct her. The police chase after them. It leads to tackling and fist-fighting. Meanwhile, the girl calls her father for help. The father then joins the tackle and T.J. and the rest of the gang are defeated and sent off to jail.