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Full Name
Tyrannosaurus rex
Jurassic Park III
Isla Sorna dinosaur
Strength, bite
Eating other dinosaurs
Kill the Spinosaurus (failed)
Type of Villain

This Tyrannosaurus Rex is a minor antagonist, later minor protagonist in Jurassic Park III.

It was a sub-adult male Tyranosaurus shown eating another dinosaur (It is unknown if he hunted it or scavenged it) when Grant and the others come across it. Apparently sensing their presence, he roared at them to reveal their hiding spot, causing them to run. The T-rex chased them and eventually came across the Spinosaurus. The two giant dinosaurs engaged in a short but brutal battle, and the Spinosaurus eventually got a hold on the T-Rex's neck and broke it, paralyzing and seemingly killing the younger animal, however no one was able to make sure as the victor was standing right there.

Later on, Eric Kirby mentions the T-Rex to Grant when he tells him he collected T-Rex pee. Grant asks how he did it, but Kirby says he doesn't have to know. It is unknown if the pee he collected was from the same T-Rex or a different one.


The Tyrannosaurus's death

According to official size charts, this T-Rex was 37 feet long and 14-5 feet tall, making it the second smallest T-Rex in the Jurassic Park series, after the infant T-Rex seen in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. It could not have been the infant from The Lost World: Jurassic Park since they have different color schemes. This T-rex was weaker and smaller than the adult Tyrannosaurs in the previous 2 films, probably why it lost to the Spinosaurus, as the latter was fully grown and in its prime.

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