T' Kala is the main antagonist and final boss of the 2011 video game, Fate: the Cursed King.


He used to be a necromancer in his past life, but was discovered by the King of Ekbatan and was executed.

Many years later, the original hero of Fate went to explore the Crypt of T' Kala in search for adventure. Unknowingly, he opened what seemed to be a normal treasure chest, but turned out to be T' kala's imprisonment where his soul was being held captive. Angered, he wanted to get his revenge and cast a horrible course on the town of Ekbatan which turned it into a dangerous and nightmarish place.

Now the hero must revisit T' Kala's crypt and defeat him to return the town of Ekbatan to its former glory. When T' Kala is fully defeated, he is destroyed once for all and everything is back to normal. In order to beat T'Kala, the player must first go to his crypt (after completing the caverns of living fire quest), defeat the great hydra and recover the urn of T'kala which the hydra swallowed. Then the player must go to the haunted palace, beat a boss Palace Guard and get the hammer of the gods. He must go to level 30 of the Palace and find the anvil of demons. The player must place the urn on the anvil and smash it with the hammer, then you must fight T'Kala's mortal form.He appears in the form of a giant mummy. If the player spends too much time idling on a dungeon level, T'Kala will appear as a ghost and attack him/her. The player must defeat him to continue your quest.