The Synthroid was a sentient robot that attacked Max Tennyson and Verdona in "Moonstruck".


It was trying to capture Verdona so she could be used as a power source for its planet.


As a mechanical being, it has no care or remorse for beings who are alive and justifies the act by saying it's vital to the continued survival of its race. As it was telling Max it was going to drain Verdona's life and kill her just like the organic ones who built them.


When it first appears, it resembles a dark mysterious man who wears a trench coat and hat covering eyes.

After a fight with Max Tennyson, its ID Mask was removed which revealed a black muscular humanoid with many silver elements, which were actually its cybernetics. Its face was flat and silver with lines going down its glowing red eyes. It had a silver plate on its chest with a line going down, and a red circle in the middle. Its mouth did not move when it spoke.


The Synthroid was capable of firing lasers and throwing powerful punches. It was also able to resist heat, as shown when it fell into a vat of metal and could repair damaged parts of itself, using nanomachines. Even if a body part is detached, it can still function and reattach itself to the rest of the body. When walking, it created dents in the floor.

Synthroid's End

Max destroys the Synthroid by shooting a part of the ship that caused a massive explosion as soon as he and Verdona could escape.