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Sync is one of the Six-God Generals and a major antagonist in the video game Tales of the Abyss and it's anime adaptation. He is the Chief of Staff and 5th Division Commander within the Oracle Knights as well as the tactical leader of the Six-God Generals.

Tales of the Abyss

At Choral Castle, he, Asch, Dist, and Arrieta were there when Dist opened Lukes fon slots so that Asch could connect with Luke. Sync hoped to provide Van information on Luke's fonic signature, but was stopped after Guy stole the fonic disc. Later, Sync, Asch, and Largo took Ion to Zao ruins to open the Sephiroth tree. Sync and Largo fought Luke and the others together. After the fight, he caused the place to crumble. Sync attacks them again and places a Curse slot on Guy's right arm, forcing Guy to attack Luke. At the planet's core, he was given a chance to fight and stop the party himself from doing their operation. The fight caused his mask to break, revealing that he is a failed replica of the original Fon Master.

At the Absorbtion Gate, he witnessed Van Grants' return from the core. Sync prevented Asch from attacking Van with the Key of Lorelei At Eldrant, Sync fights the party alone for the final time. He died after overexerting his body's power.


In the game, Sync was voiced by Ikue Otani in Japanese and English dubbed by Erin Fitzgerald. In the anime, his Japanese voice was done by Yumiko Kobayashi.