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Sylvanas Windrunner is the ruler of the Forsaken of the Warcraft franchise.



Sylvanas Windrunner was in a family with two other sisters and a brother. One of her sisters, Alleria, went missing during the Second War, her other sister, Vereesa, is the current Ranger General of the Silver Covenant, and her brother, Lirath, was murdered by Orcs.

Second War

Sylvanas became the Ranger General of Quel'thalas, the kingdom of the High Elves. When Arthas and the Scourge invaded, she led her armies against the mindless invaders. She encountered Arthas many times during the battle, but was eventually killed by the ruthless Death Knight. He raised her into undeath as a banshee, and was one of his top lieutenants, along with the Archlich Kel'Thuzad.


About a year later, the demon lord Archimonde was killed and the Dreadlords were in chaos without their leader. The Lich King's power was greatly weakened, freeing Sylvanas was his grip. She and a group of rebel undead took up arms against their former masters, and called themselves the Forsaken. Eventually the Forsaken took down the Dreadlords and the Scourge, and Sylvanas set up her kingdom in the sewers of Lordaeron, called the Undercity.

During the final days of the War Against the Lich King, Sylvanas took part in the final battle at Icecrown Citadel, where a brave hero presented to her a vial of her blood which was found on the corpse of Arthas himself. She returned to the Undercity to plan for the future, where she led an attack on Andorhal. The Scourge remains and an Alliance army were there, as well, and Sylvanas was forced to fight both of them. The Scourge leadership was taken care of quickly, but the Alliance was more resilient. Sylvanas, learning that her top Death Knight Koltira Deathweaver had a friendship with the Alliance Death Knight Thassarian, brought her Death Knight champion back to the Undercity to warp his memory of his friend.


  • Arthas kills Sylvanas and raises her as a banshee in Warcraft III but in the Lament of the Highborne cutscene shows Arthas playing Sylvanas' body on an altar and effect a ritual to turn her into a banshee.
  • Sylvanas' appearance varies with the clothes she wears, but generally she is bluish-gray of skin with striking blonde hair. She wears plentiful lower armor, but her chest is more bare. She usually carries a quiver of arrows and a bow with which to shoot them with.

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