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Look, I have to start payin' Don Lino protection, so everything you owe me, you owe him!
~ Sykes to Oscar

Sykes, also called Mr. Sykes, is a major anti-hero (later supporting protagonist) of Shark Tale. He is the fired manager and current co-manager of the Whale Wash.

He was voiced by Martin Scorsese.


Shark Tale

He was a member at the ship where the great whites are. He was fired by Don Lino after his disrespect against the sharks and him. Sykes is the manager of the Whale Wash where Oscar was the employee. Due to his constant get-rich schemes, Oscar owes him 5,000 clams. He puffs up into a balloon because he was serious and then deflates to give him 24 hours to pay the clams for the race track or something might happen which led Oscar into having his eye electrocuted.

Sykes gets disappointed that Oscar paid the clams for his own personal seahorse instead of paying it directly to him. After Lucky Day lost, he rips his ticket into pieces which his spines were pre-pared for him to blow up when he's angry. Once he is puffed up completely, he commands Ernie and Bernie to send Oscar to the deepest hole in the ocean and then pops a balloon that belonged to a pink child which caused her to be upset and scream across the minor part of the area.

Later on, after Oscar's bogus story about murdering Frankie, Sykes (without the knowledge of the truth behind the lie) becomes his manager and spends his time partying with Oscar. He appears to let his position go to his head, claiming to be 'untouchable'.

Club Oscar

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  • Sykes is sometimes thought to be the third antagonist in the film.


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