The Sword of Glory Group

The Sword of Glory terrorist group.

The Sword of Glory was a terrorist organization in the Marvel universe.  They are based in Africa, and were known to hate anyone not belonging to the organization.

They made a deal with Andreas Vadas, a treacherous agent of the mercenary Wild Pack, to obtain a hypnotic serum which would allow them to create "sleeper" agents which would become assassins by hearing a trigger phrase, along with six "sleepers" already distributed through the world.

They tried to close the deal at Doctor Doom's American castle but they had been tracked by Silver Sable, leader of the Wild Pack, and his new partner Dominic Fortune, P.I.

They started a shootout which ended in most of the Sword of Glory members, including their leader, Albasini, dead, and Fortune being declared a hero. Vadas escaped, but five of the six assassins were stopped on time.