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You're too late.
~ Swiper whenever he succeeds in stealing the object
Oh, man!
~ Swiper when he fails to steal an object

Swiper the Fox is a recurring character in Dora the Explorer. He will always try to steal an object from Dora and Boots (sometimes another character), either succeeding in the scheme, or failing.

However, there have been a few occasions where he served as an anti-hero for the protagonists.


Swiper is a fox with orange and yellow fur and wears a blue mask and gloves. He is always an obstacle in Dora and Boots's adventures and he will try to steal anything from them (such as Dora's backpack). Whenever he shows up, Dora, Boots, and you the viewer, in order to stop Swiper from carrying out his task, must say "Swiper No Swiping!" Once this is done, he will snap his fingers in defeat and disappear (though there was this time he can't even get up due to being inside a hollow tree). However, there has been a few attempts where this pesky fox was successful in stealing. No matter, he does not necessarily keep the item he steals; instead he throws it away somewhere for Dora and Boots to look for it.


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