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Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie is a major character in the Warner Bros. animated TV series Tiny Toon Adventures. She is a pink canary with a blue ribbon on her head. She appears nice, but despite her name, she is a mean bird, particularly to Furrball.


  • In the episode "Squish", within a nightmare Dizzy Devil has, Sweetie attempts to eat a bug-sized Dizzy when he, stuck with gum and then shot by Furrball, has flown into a branch above Sweetie's nest. When he falls, she tries to step on him, claiming it "won't hurt a bit!"
  • In "Cross-Country Kitty", Sweetie takes advantage of Furrball twice (okay, three times because one way was repeated): when Furrball arrives and attempts to eat her behind Mary Melody's back, he ends up eating her horsefly; however, when she reveals it to him and he spits it out, she force-feeds him more straight from the box. The next time, she pretends to hold a surprise birthday party for him and has invited "all [his] friends": vicious dogs that scare him off. Once he and Mary Melody have returned from their vacation, she "welcomes" him home with the dogs, scaring him off back into the alley.
  • In another episode, Sweetie attempts to goad Furrball into eating him to get him thrown out. That eventually includes teasing and taunting him.
  • In another episode, Sweetie programs Furrball not to eat birds, but rather to eat Arnold instead.
  • In the episode "Debutante Devil", when Dizzy Devil lands in a boxing ring, she counts slowly to two, but rapidly counts the rest of the way to ten, and bangs something clanky on his head.


  • She was voiced by Candi Milo.

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