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Sweet Tooth is the main antagonist of the Busy World of Richard Scarry middle segment "Niagra Falls Mystery." He has a sweet tooth, so much that he is unwilling to eat his pancakes without any maple syrup. Thus, when his assistant reveals he spent all of his money at Niagra Falls buying pancake mix, he decides to make Niagra Falls stop falling, and dam the water.

Sweet Tooth sends his minions to get the maple syrup, but Cucumber and Pickles shoot it at them, and Sweet Tooth, trying to make a break for it, accidentally breaks a stick off the bottom of his own dam, breaking it, so he is saved by Pickles and Cucumber, who have the captain turn away from the falls. While the sticky gang are lifted by a helicopter, Sweet Tooth is tied up and imprisoned and sentenced to bread and water in place of maple syrup.

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