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~ Swanky's catchphrase

Swanky is one of the 6 main protagonists in Pet Alien. Despite being a protagonist, Swanky has often done many villainous deeds due to his snobby nature.


Swanky is one of Dinko's brothers and Tommy's extraterestrial pets. Swanky enjoys fancy things and massages. Swanky is the smartest of the aliens. He is much elegant and rather self-centered at times and has a British accent. He often accompanies Tommy and the aliens on their wacky adventures. He enjoys fancy things and massages and wants Tommy's room. One time, Swanky thought Tommy was a superhero and decided to become a supervillain in order to steal Dinko's nose (which he thought was full of cash).


Swanky often insults his brothers and he can't stand his parents (who are rednecks) and he is rude to everyone and is pretty self-centered. He seems to have no respect for his brothers, Dinko, Gumpers, Tommy, and Flip or his dog-like creature, Scruffy. But however, in one episode he ran away to move with Granville but then missed being with his family in the lighthouse and he came back to them, so that also states that he really does care for his friends.

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