Swamp Rat

Give you? No! Giving's bad for business! But I’ll sell you some for a price.
~ Swamp Rat

Swamp Rat is a sewer rat who appears as an antagonist in 101 Dalmatians: The Series. He is a shady used-goods dealer and con artist who speaks with a Southern accent.

He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Swamp Rat is one of the many animals that live in the swamp that borders the Dearly Farm; though unlike many of the swamp's other animals, he has taken a keen interest in the outside world and he often attempts to barter with other individuals in order to acquire strange and uncommon objects that come from civilization. It is actually consequential that Swamp Rat has become a close acquaintance to many of the individuals in the Dearly Farm, including the Dearly's Dalmatians. If they ever need to purchase something, they can generally acquire it at his store, for a very prohibitive price. However, Swamp Rat is easygoing about what people give him in exchange for his objects, as he will take anything, including chicken feathers, dog collars, dog dishes, and even other animals. What he does with the objects he acquires is uncertain, though it seems he more than likely sells the objects to other animals in exchange for different objects, in which he adds anything he specifically wants to his personal collection, as was demonstrated in several episodes of the series.

Swamp Rat's ethics are highly controversial and questionable, and he is unafraid of tricking other people into making a bad deal. He is disreputable for trying to con others into giving up their expensive things, and he often manipulates people into actually helping him do his dirty work, which is why Steven and Cydne serve as his henchmen. There have also been occasions where Swamp Rat will take over a building in order to throw a party, in which every guest is forced to pay an admission fee, which is just another example of how Swamp Rat's store has continued to thrive, despite being in the middle of the swamp. However, there is little that Lieutenant Pug can do in order to stop Swamp Rat, as since Swamp Rat is an animal of means, he is largely influential in many of the events on the Dearly Farm than most people realize. Despite the fact that he knows that people dislike him, Swamp Rat continues to do what he does as he realizes that he is untouchable, for as long as he holds a monopoly in regards to his store, the animals who abominate him will be forced to come to him when they need to acquire something.