Sverrir Frollo is Frollo's Icelandic cousin and a villain in Frollo's Cousins. He is the main antagonist of Sverrir Frollo and the Ninjas.


These, my friends, are super-skilled ninjas. They obey my every command.
~ Sverrir explaining his ninja team to his family
Sverrir is portrayed as a dark, self-absorbed ninja master, who stops at nothing until he gets what he wants.

Role in Frollo's Cousins

Sverrir debuts in Dmitri Frollo and Sasha Scar as one of the cousins that maimed Sasha as part of a conspiracy.

Later, in Sverrir Frollo and the Ninjas, he takes on a much bigger prize. He hires the Council of Shoop as his ninjas and commands them to swap the bodies of Team Frollo, thus rendering confusion as to who's who. Dmitri finds Sverrir in Pac-Land and he knew of the way to revert the team to their original selves. This causes the latter to be frozen up by Dmitri using Hayate's cryokinesis.


  • Sverrir has returned briefly in Domonkos Frollo Goes to Pride Rock, but in his frozen state.
  • He is the fourth villain to appear in Frollo's Cousins. The other three being Achmed Frollo, Sasha Scar and Vincent Frollo.


Frollo's Cousins episode 15 Sverrir Frollo and the Ninjas05:44

Frollo's Cousins episode 15 Sverrir Frollo and the Ninjas