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Cancel the contest for the fillies and schedule me a spa treatment. Now that I don't have to oversee a rehearsal with those brats, I have time for the works! You know the drill; Deliver, or the diva ditches your dippy charity!
~ Svengallop to Pinkie Pie.

Svengallop is the main antagonist of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season 5 episode, "The Mane Attraction". He is Countess Coloratura's bossy and flamboyant manager and is voiced by Colin Murdoch.


Svengallop first appears with Countess Coloratura and her entourage when they appear in Ponyville for the Ponypalooza Rock Concert/charity event. Svengallop began influencing Coloratura to focus on the show and soon began tormenting Pinkie Pie with ridiculous demands and threatens to have the Countess resign from the charity event and keeps Countess Coloratura in the dark about this. Applejack gets wise to this and tries to convince Coloratura that Svengallop doesn't have her best interests.

Coloratura is initially skeptical, but Applejack later convinces her to let her prove she's correct. Using Twilight as a recording camera, Coloratura finally sees the selfish snob Svengallop really is when he is caught bullying and abusing Pinkie Pie and using her fame as a threat. Confronted by the furious singer, Svengallop tells her that the show will fall apart without him and heads off in a huff.


  • His name and characterization references the character Svengali from from George du Maurier's 1895 novel Trilby, a character who seduces, dominates, and exploits the titular girl and makes her into a famous singer.
  • As said by Amy Keating Rogers, his career went into ruins after the episode's events, meaning that he is out of a job.
  • His bad terms with Applejack is similar to Ramon's animosity to Blythe in Littlest Pet Shop, as the heroines are voiced by Ashleigh Ball and the villains are voiced by Colin Murdoch.


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