Suzu is a former villain and major secondary character from the anime and manga of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

Suzu is Second-in-command to Gunkan (one of the Four Heavenly Kings); this teen girl possesses psychic abilities and the useful ability to teleport off and on the scene when needed. Like most hair hunter troops,her pants are baggy and wraped at the ankles and wears a shirt with a red cross and a yellow vest. She is presumed to be slightly powerful in her own right, since she is noted for completely crushing Maruhage's B-Block offscreen with Dollman (yet outside her teleportation, Suzu's powers are never shown).

Unlike her evil employer, Suzu is a very kind person. She does not take much part in fighting, but tries to assist the rebels whenever possible. Suzu will sometimes even help those who don't really deserve it, proven when she saves both the rebels and OVER (who at the time was the most ruthless of the Heavenly Kings) from a collapsing fortress.