Suzi Transparent 1

Suzi is the secondary antagonist of Disney and Teletoon's animated series, Camp Lakebottom. She is McGee's evil older sister. She is voiced by Bryn McAuley (who also voiced Laney Penn and Lenny Nepp from Grojband).


Suzi is McGee's, high-strung, snobbish, manipulative, annoying older sister. Small in body with a giant personality to say the least. She is spending her summer at camp Sunny Smiles, with the "cool" kids away from her baby brother. Sunny Smiles is sparkling new, and has all the trendiest amenities you could think of. Being the ultimate girly girl pageant winner, the best way to get her attention is to talk about, well, her! Suzi always gets her way, no matter who or what she has to trample to get it. She also has a nasty habit of using her winning crown to tease the heck out of Gretchen. She shares loathe to McGee with Jordan Buttsquat, what makes them allies.