Suspect Zero is the main antagonist of the thriller film of the same name.

Role in Film

FBI agents Thomas Mackelway and Fran Kulok are put on the trail of Ben O'Ryan, a serial killer who exclusively targets other serial killers. As the investigation proceeds, the agents begin to become aware of the possible existence of "Suspect Zero", a mythical "super serial killer" responsible for hundreds of deaths across all 50 states who leaves no evidence behind to link his crimes together. The agents must decide if O'Ryan is the key that will allow them to catch Suspect Zero, or if he is Suspect Zero himself.

As it turns out, O'Ryan was part of a secret government experiment attempting to cultivate telepathic abilities in individuals for military purposes. The experiments gave O'Ryan the ability to see the actions of serial killers. These disturbing visions constantly torment O'Ryan, and drive him to find the killers and kill them. O'Ryan seeks out Mackelway because Mackelway shares his abilities to some degree and was involved in a controversial case that made headlines. O'Ryan hunts down Suspect Zero, whose child victims are giving O'Ryan even more nightmares.

The actual "Suspect Zero" is another man who travels over the United States with a refrigerated truck. He targets children, whom he kidnaps and transports to his ranch to be killed. He is not THE Suspect Zero, however, as Mackelway had identified evidence linking his crimes together: Because of the time spent locked in the truck, all of his victims had signs of freezer burns.

Eventually, Mackelway and O'Ryan find Suspect Zero at his ranch. After a struggle outside, Suspect Zero is killed when Mackelway crushes his skull with a rock. O'Ryan then tries to convince Mackelway to end his suffering by killing him. When Mackelway refuses, O'Ryan pretends to attack him, prompting Kulok (who is watching from a distance) to shoot him to defend her partner.