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Susanna Patrya Haltmann is a member of the Haltmann Works Company, serving as the secretary of President Haltmann. She is the secondary antagonist turned supporting protagonist of the 2016 Kirby game, Kirby: Planet Robobot.


Susie is a young woman with light blue eyes and pink hair. Similar to her father, her arms are disembodied from her body (her feet are never seen from underneath her suit, but are presumably disembodied as well). Her mechanical suit is stylized as a dress, with a light gray top and a dark gray bottom. She wears orange gloves with two pink accessories on each sleeve and an orange hairpin. The two accessories on each side of her hood fold down and act as a helmet whenever she controls her mech.



When Susanna was a child, she and her father studied the ancient technologies of the universe via an ancient wish-making supercomputer they unearthed. During a test to reactivate the Mother Computer, an accident occurred and Susanna was transported to Another Dimension. Haltmann was devastated from the loss of his daughter and became determined to fix the Mother Computer and create Star Dream, the most powerful machine in existence, in order to bring her back. Due to excessive use of Star Dream's head-mounted controller, Haltmann slowly lost all of memories of Susie, but appointed her as a secretary in Haltmann Works when she returned, out of what fondness he still had for her.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Kirby and Susie first meet in the third area, Overload Ocean. After kindly introducing herself, she discusses to Kirby about the Mechanizing Occupation Project, the objective of Haltmann Works Company, and how the company labels the natives of Planet Popstar as obstacles that must be destroyed, with Kirby being no exception. Susie attacks Kirby using her mech, but it is destroyed and the former flees on a drone.

Susie then appears in Area 4, Gigabyte Grounds, singing the Haltmann Works Company theme song, "Noble Haltmann". She tells Kirby how she met a strong and fearless knight who she remodeled and introduces Mecha Knight, before activating him and flying away on her drone.

In Area 5, Rhythm Road, Susie is surprised to discover Kirby had made it all the way there. She then shows him a capsule of cloned DNA taken from a ruthless king and it bursts open when it notices Kirby, and Cloned Dedede attacks Kirby while Susie flies away with her drone.

Inside the Access Ark, the headquarters for the Haltmann Works Company, Susie greets Kirby and congrats him for making it to the head office alive. She then shows off the latest model of Mecha Knight, Mecha Knight +, which Kirby defeats. Angered that all her efforts to stop Kirby had gone to waste, Susie prepares to take action in her own hands, but is interrupted by the arrival of President Haltmann, who dismisses her to face Kirby himself.

After Kirby defeats Haltmann, Haltmann prepares to activate Star Dream, but his controller helmet is taken by Susie, so she can take control of Star Dream herself and teach the old man a lesson. Before she is able to put on the helmet herself, she is suddenly blasted away by the Mother Computer, as instead of Haltmann taking control of Star Dream, the procedure has a vise versa result and Star Dream flies off from the Access Ark to eradicate all life in the universe.

Deciding to do the right thing, Susie settles her differences with Kirby and calls in an Invader Armor for Kirby to control. Kirby combines the Robobot Armor with Meta Knight's Halberd and the ship sets off to battle Star Dream. Susie is last seen in the ending cutscene observing Dream Land being restored to its natural, organic state before flying off in her mech. Where she flies off to is presumably her home planet.


  • Susie's voice is provided by Makiko Ohmoto, the actress who also voices Kirby and Queen Sectonia.
  • Susie secretly despises her father, presumably because his obsession of Star Dream had turned him insane, and never took the time to recognize her as his daughter.
  • During the Holo-Doomer phase of the boss fight against the Holo Defense API 2.0, the description states that the holographic Doomers took their shape based on monsters Susie saw in the alternate dimension. This implies that Susie was transported to "Another Dimension" created by Magolor in Kirby's Return to Dreamland.
  • Susie's face is on the 500,000 Haltmann bill.
  • Susie shares similarities to Taranza from Kirby: Triple Deluxe:
    • They are both secondary antagonists working for their boss Queen Sectonia and President Haltmann, respectively, only to redeem themselves once they find out how evil their boss is and team up with Kirby to take them down.
    • Unlike Taranza, who was betrayed by Sectonia, Susie betrayed Haltmann to stop him from being corrupted by Star Dream, but still failed.
      • Also, Taranza is never fought directly, instead using a possessed King Dedede to fight against Kirby.

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