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Susanoo, God of Strong Wind & Storms

Susanoo is the ancient Japanese "God of Raging Winds & Storms". He had a long standing fued with his sister, Amaterasu.

After a fit of rage he killed his sister's attendant, destroyed his sister's rice field, and flung a flayed pony at her loom. She hid in "Ama-No-Iwato" or "The Heavenly Rock Cave". 

Amaterasu was known as the ancient Japanese "God of the Sun".

Her hiding in the cave symbolized an eclipse, hiding from Susanoo's rage. It took a ceremony to get her out. 

For this he was banished from Heaven by the chief god but he soon made a name for himself on Earth.  Susanoo came to Earth in Japan on the Izumo province where he found a couple who were losing their children to a dragon which he killed. From it's body he got the Sword, Kusa-Naga-No-Tsurugi or "Grasscutter Sword". Also Known as Ama-No-Mura-Kumo-no-Tsurugi, or "Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven". It was presented to his sister to make amends.

Another Japanese story has Susanoo living in Japan presumably after he fell from Heaven, and he has a daughter who is a princess. But when a prince arrives, she falls in love with him, and the evil Susanoo decides to put him through a test to prove his courage, by putting him in three rooms full of snakes, centipedes and bees, and scorpions. But the prince survives all this, due to a magical scarf the princess gives him to warn him of her father's evil, and then the prince is given an impossible task by Susanoo: to find an arrow which he shoots an impossible distance. But the prince is helped by a magical mouse, who saves him when the landscape is set alight by the evil Susanoo. Having had enough of the evil ruler's ways, the prince decides to rescue his abused daughter and imprison the lord in his castle. The prince ties Susanoo's hair to a chair, and tells the princess he has imprisoned her father and for them to run away. So, they leave but Susanoo hears the noise of their exit and runs out yelling for them to return. But of course they won't, having both been abused by him. So Susanoo has nothing left except himself and his castle.