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Susan (Drake and Josh)

Susan was Drake's girlfriend and an antagonist in the Drake and Josh episode Believe Me, Brother.


When Josh was working with Drake on their video project, Susan was flirting with Josh behind Drake's back. Josh thought she was just being friendly with him after talking to his parents. The next day, Susan said to Josh that her flirtings were not an accident and forcefully kisses him. Drake saw the two of them kiss and Susan made it look like Josh was trying to steal his girlfriend, resulting with Drake being furious with Josh.

Josh tried to prove to Drake that Susan was flirting with him but his attempts failed. When they finished their video project, they presented it to the class with embarrasing films posted in their project by their sister Megan. But there was recording of Susan flirting and forcefully kissing Josh, revealing Susan's true nature to not only Drake but the entire class as well. Drake later broke up with Susan and apologized to Josh.

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