Surt was the God Warrior of Eikthyrnir in 1990.


Surt was the Camus' partner of training; they realized their trainments togheter in cold places. But, after a casuality caused by Camus kills his sister, Sinmore, Surt become ruthless and, to save his soul, Camus swore to dedicate his next life to try save the Surt's soul.

Surt leave the goal to become a saint, and serves in the Odin's army, as the Eikthyrnir God Warrior, learning how control blue flames.

God Warrior

After Camus been revived by Loki, he re-encounter Surt, as a God Saint and Camus tries make Surt a do-gooder again and says that he is repaying his debt to Surt. They attacks Milo and after, fights against Shura. After Shura's defeat, Surt hurts him mercilessly, and Camus perceives that his soul has not salvation. So, Camus decides to fight against Surt as an Athena Saint and defeat him. In the final of the story, Surt, Heracles, Frodi and Sigmund become Lyfia servants.