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It takes some small-town fillies a while to learn its everypony for herself in the big city, okay?
~ Suri explaining her philosophy to Rarity

Suri Polomare is a female Earth pony and the main antagonist in the Season 4 episode Rarity Takes Manehattan, appearing alongside her assistant Coco Pommel.

Roles in the series

Suri meets Rarity when she's the last to arrive with her dresses at Prim Hemline's rehearsal. She is stated to have met Rarity before at a Ponyville knitting competition, although Rarity at first cannot put a name to her face. While backstage with Rarity, she takes a look at Rarity's dresses, complimenting her on her designs. Appreciating the material Rarity used to make the dresses, Suri asks Rarity for a swatch of the fabric to fix up some of her own dresses. Rarity happily obliges and hands her an entire spool of fabric.

The next day, Rarity is again last to show up to the event. As Rarity peeks onto the stage, she sees Suri having her dresses judged by Lady Haydegarde. She then notices that Suri had completely duplicated her designs overnight, using the same fabric that she used. When confronted by Rarity about this, Suri explains that "it's everypony for herself in the big city".

When Rarity later rushes back to the plaza to thank Prim for the opportunity, Suri and Coco tell Rarity that Prim is "furious" and that she should stay away from her for a while. Once Rarity's friends turn up, it is revealed that Suri also told them that Rarity lost the competition. After Rarity accepts the defeat and leaves with her friends to see Hinny of the Hills, it is revealed that Suri lied to Rarity and her friends about the competition's outcome and that Rarity had indeed won. Coco quit being her assistant and gave the trophy to Rarity.

Although unseen for the rest of the episode, it is possible that Suri was disqualified since Coco took the trophy, meaning that she might have told the judges about Suri's scheme.

Role in Friendship Games

Suri Polomare's human counterpart appears in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games as a student of Crystal Prep Academy. She first appears on the Crystal Prep bus ride to Canterlot High School, refusing to give a seat to human Twilight. At the welcome party for Crystal Prep, she dances next to Flash Sentry and briefly talks with Micro Chips. During ACADECA, she is paired with Upper Crust in the home economics portion, eventually losing to Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. When Principal Cinch glares at her disapprovingly, she nervously drops the cake she and Upper Crust made onto the floor.


When introduced, Suri appeared to be a friendly, empathetic, and good-natured competitor along with having having good manners as she politely asks for Rarity's fabric.

However, she reveals to be extremely cunning, deceptive, unscrupulous, and calculating, since she swindled Rarity out of her fabric and takes credit for its design when her sidekick, Coco Pommel, did all of the hard work, and she is quite abusive, defamatory, and argumentative to Coco. Her attitude is based upon her catchphrase, "Everypony for herself in the big city", meaning she is looking out for herself.



  • Suri Polomare is one of the few MLP antagonists to appear in the Equastria Girls films the others being Diamond Dogs, the Flim Flam Brothers, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon.

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