145px-The Supreme Serpent

The Supreme Serpent

The Supreme Serpent is an arch-villain from the Champions universe and the grand commander of the entire VIPER organization - greatly feared even by his own organization he sees all and knows all when it comes to his troops and is known to punish even the smallest of mistakes with the most agonizing and horrible deaths he can conceive.

The Supreme Serpent seeks world-conquest and will stop at nothing until his goal is achieved, making him a deadly and fanatical opponent.

The Supreme Serpent is mentioned several times in the game and is a boss in the AfterShock storyline , due to his status as one of the planet's most dangerous supervillains it is likely he shall continue to be mentioned in future storylines and may even become once again become challenge for heroes.

The adventure pack (which are free content add-ons) known as "Serpent Lantern" focuses heavily on VIPER as well as the Supreme Serpent.