Put them all together, it spells... the Supreme High Robotnik, master of the universe!!
~ Dr. Robotnik transforming into the Supreme High Robotnik via the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

The Supreme High Robotnik was the ultimate villain of the AoStH universe and an empowered Dr. Robotnik who gained godlike powers sufficient to rewrite the laws of the universe to his will.

Supreme High Robotnik was formed when the regular Robotnik obtained all 4 Chaos Emeralds and wore them together - upon transforming into a god, Dr. Robotnik hurled Sonic and Tails through time to the Big Bang itself.

However this simply served to create a paradox of sorts that formed five Sonics and five Tails, the team of heroes then united to combat Supreme High Robotnik via stealing back the Chaos Emeralds and using them to undo all the madness Supreme High Robotnik had created.


After traveling through time and space, Dr. Robotnik obtained the four Chaos Emeralds (Invisibility, Invincibility, Immortality, and the Power of Life). By wearing all four emeralds together, Dr. Robotnik transformed into the Supreme High Robotnik. Hoping to finally destroy his enemies, he sent Sonic and Tails through time to the Big Bang. However, they returned with four additional Sonics and Tails from different points in time. The team of heroes that now consisted of ten all worked together to steal back the Emeralds and return them to their original places.

Powers and Abilities

Giant Supreme High Robotnik

The gigantic Supreme High Robotnik demonstrates his cosmic powers including the ability to grow in size.

In this state, Robotnik is granted power so great that he claims he could rule the entire universe, and possesses several reality warping powers.

By wielding all four Chaos Emeralds at the same time, the Supreme High Robotnik has direct access to all the emeralds individual powers at once; With the Chaos Emerald of Invincibility and the Chaos Emerald of Immortality the Supreme High Robotnik is granted immeasurable strength, invulnerability and is successfully immortal, the Chaos Emerald of Invisibility allows him to turn himself invisible and the Chaos Emerald of Life allows him to animate anything.

Other powers of the Supreme High Robotnik include sending victims back in time, shooting lasers from his handpalms and changing his size.

While the Supreme High Robotnik does not have any weaknesses, he is still vulnerable to surprise attacks, and he will lose all his powers if somebody removes the necklace with the Chaos Emeralds attached to from around his neck.




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