The Suppression Squad is a Anti-Verse group to the Freedom Fighters.

Description and History

The Anti-Freedom Fighters live on Anti-Mobius, and can be differentiated by their Prime (good) universe counterparts by their style of dress, which is akin to a biker gang. The team originally consisted of the Anti-Verse equivalents of Sally, Antoine, Rotor, Tails, and their leader Sonic, all of whom were evil, of course. After a string of failures, most of them attempts to overthrow the Anti-Mobius version of Dr. Robotnik (a kindly veterinarian in this reality, known as "Kindly old Doc Kintobor"), the cadre of evildoers deposed (Evil) Sonic as leader and lined up under (Anti-) Sally's new beau, (Anti-) Geoffrey St. John.

By the next time the Anti-Freedom Fighters appear, they have made a few more changes to the line-up. Anti-Sally got bored of Anti-Geoffrey and dumped him—-making herself leader, Anti-Bunnie joined the ranks to get revenge on Evil Sonic, and Evil Sonic replaced Anti-Antoine with the real Antoine to get revenge on both of them; Antoine is impersonating his evil double for fear that the others will turn on him if they find out the truth.

Sonic eventually figures out that the two Antoines have been switched, and undoes the change. Currently, the Anti-Freedom Fighters consist of the counterparts of Sonic, Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor, Sally and Tails. However, Anti-Sally and Anti-Bunnie fell into a pit containing "Octopods," and though both survived, Anti-Bunnie managed to contract N.I.D.S. and Scourge roughly kicked her out, leaving her for dead. She was eventually rescued by Dr. Julian Kintobor, and put into a robotic suit until he can find a cure.

The concept of the Anti-Freedom Fighters is quite possibly inspired by the evil version of the Justice League from the "Anti-Verse" of DC comics.


Scourge the Hedgehog (kicked out)

Patch D'Coolette

Princess Alicia Acorn

Anti-Miles Prower

Boomer Walrus

Anti-Geoffrey St. John