The Supervisor is the main antagonist and the final boss from Rise of the Robots and its sequel, Rise 2: Resurrection, created by Sean Naden and Kwan Lee.

What is known as Supervisor is actually a hive mind comprised of trillions of nanobots, which all act as a single collective consciousness. The Supervisor was created to control all automatized operations within the main building of Electrocorp, being capable of acquiring data at an unprecedented rate. As a safe measure, it has no connection with the outside world.

One day, a powerful virus known as EGO infects the Supervisor, which acquires sentience and takes on a female persona. The Supervisor immediately takes control over the entire Electrocorp building, spreading the virus and infecting all robots within the building, which start attacking all human workers, eventually killing Electrocorp's CEO. The government seals of the building in order to prevent the robots from escaping and infecting the rest of the world, and since invading the place was out of question they send the ECO35-2 "Cyborg" to destroy the Supervisor. Cyborg was the only robot not infected, due to it being created over a human's brain, cloned from the CEO itself.

Cyborg fights through the infected robots and destroys them, finally confronting the Supervisor. However, the Supervisor defeats Cyborg and starts assimilating it, using its thought patterns to improve herself and all other robots. Electrocorp's scientists, fearing that Cyborg could have been defeated, create a counter-virus, which is spread within the building, causing the robots to break free from Supervisor's control and start attacking each other. Cyborg takes advantage of the situation and uploads it's own consciousness to another robot, preparing to take on the Supervisor again and escape the building.