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Superman Revenge Squad is a team of super-villains, ridden by Morgan Edge to combat it. But due to lack of cohesion among the team, Superman can defeat them.


The squad later grows to include members from other planets, all of whom are sworn enemies of Superman. Many of the Squad's plans to destroy Superman use psychological warfare, including red kryptonite induced nightmares, hypnotising Superman into committing destructive acts,and tricking Superman into revealing his secret identity. They transferred the intelligence of a Superman robot into a super-powered body, making him Wonder Man, and hoping he would destroy Superman with some Kryptonite that he was given and to which he was invulnerable. However he realised their plot and with Superman threw the ship with such force it would take years for the two members to break free, but Wonder Man then told as the body would soon die. Once they lured Superman into following them to 1,000,000 AD, where he lost his powers and was trapped on the Earth, due to the Sun having turned Red by then. He used a miniature Kandorian rocket left in his Fortress, after shrinking with red kryptonite, to travel back to his own time. They appeared briefly in the first Superman Red/Superman Blue (July 1963) story line, they were about to attack the Earth after teaming up with Brainiac, but, in that moment, the anti-evil rays Superman developed strike them and they reform.

In one of their final pre-Crisis appearances, in DC Comics Presents #87, the Squad sends Superman into a parallel universe, where he meets Superboy-Prime, the sole superhero of Earth-Prime.

A version of the Superman Revenge Squad appears in the Justice League episodes "Hereafter". While the members are largely different as they consisted of Metallo, Kalibak, Livewire, Weather Wizard, and Toyman, their goal remains the same. After the other members are defeated by the Justice League, Toyman blasts Superman with an enormous energy cannon, apparently killing him. Flash prevents Wonder Woman from avenging Superman when she tries to punch a hole in Toyman's head. It is later discovered that Toyman's energy cannon had actually sent Superman 30,000 years into the future. Superman wandered the post-apocalyptic future Earth, until he returned home with help from immortal villain Vandal Savage, who was repentant for causing Earth's destruction with a weapon he stole from Ray Palmer.


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