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"Superman No Heroes"

"You don't get to be happy, hero" ~ Superman

Superman is the titular antagonist of a creepypasta known as  Superman: No Heroes.


The story concerns the titular Superman, who manifests via a seemingly supernatural comic book and taunts the reader with nihilistic, violent and cruel imagery and words - it gained a small following and is unusual for a creepypasta in the fact it focuses on a medium not often used in the creepypasta lore.

The creepypasta would gain much more infamy after being uploaded to youtube and now boosts a considerable following, though much less than memes such as Slender or BEN - it is, however, a popular choice for people who enjoy crossover "versus" matches and "No Heroes" Superman has appeared in fan-made scenarios or designs for a fighter game (such as Creepypasta the Fighters).


  • The events of "No Heroes" mirror those of Injustice, taken to its logical conclusion (then amplified to hellish extents) - it is possible Injustice Superman could of evolved into "No Heroes" Superman had he been allowed to continue his tyranny (this, of course, is up for debate).
  • The idea of Superman becoming disillusioned with heroes may of been inspired by the famous quote of Justice Lord Superman : "I used to love being the hero but if this is where it leads.. I'm done".
  • Superman, in DC lore, represents an almost God-like figure of hope, justice and devotion to protecting others : "No Heroes" Superman would be considered an Anti-God figure embodying hate, anarchy and despair.

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