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I had to take control, there was no other way.
~ Superman

Superman was once a hero of Metropolis but after he failed to save Lois from car bombing, he attempted to become a fascist dictator and teamed up with Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series.


This counterpart of Superman was from Krypton and discovered his powers and origin but had romantic feelings for Lois Lane that he didn't know of. When Lois was killed in a car bombing by Intergang and Superman was a split second too late. Superman was devasted and realized he had feeling for Lois that he never had unlike his counterpart who saved his Lois in time. Thinking being superhero wasn't not enough to make Metropolis safer, Superman replaced his uniform with a black one and teamed up Lex Luthor and became dictators of Metropolis. Superman enforced the fascist law and made the Daily Planet and S.T.A.R Labs go out of business and left lots people jobless and homeless. They had to live in the streets and begging for money.

People revolted and some of them got arrested. Superman and the fascist cops crack down the rebels. Lois Lane accidently got into the alternate Superman's dimension and saw what was going on. Lois fought the police force and later encountered Superman. He saved from fainting and the security forcesand took her to his apartment and explained why he became a tyrant. Lois was disgusted at his actions that he would team up with Luthor. Superman thought Luthor wouldn't try to pull off anything sneaky because he would fear his reaction. But it was broken when Superman learned he tried to kill Lois and she took him to a holding cell for the rebels in the same tower Superman lives in after he took over Metropolis. They protested and shouted out him. But it went deeply hard when Jimmy Olsen, a member of the resistance threw a rock at Superman despite him being Superman's pal.

Enraged at this trickery, Superman stormed into Luthor's building and confronts him and tells him the problems involving the job. Lex reponded by using Kryptonite, the same one the resistance stole earlier and comes up with a plan to restrain Superman and that he was forced to kill him to protect the people. Unfortunately, Superman and the alternate Lois Lane informed the rebels what was happening before they arrrived at the building and guided them to the Luthor's office to confront him. Lex fled in his aircraft but Superman tailed him. Superman damged Luthor's ship and Lex was killed in the collison. Superman promised the Lois from another dimension that he would make things right in his universe.


  • The S on Superman's outfit resembles Overman's S, a Nazi counterpart of Superman in the comics.

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