Super Toy3
The Super Toy is a Pop Pixie character. He was meant to be the perfect toy.

Personality Profile

Fixit designed him to be the ultimate toy: indestructible and the perfect play buddy. But Fixit didn't finish him so he was afraid the toy was dangerous. The Super Toy has also the ability to turn himself on whenever he want, this made ​​Fixit even more afraid. He wants to be best friends with Fixit, but in an evil and strange way.


The Super Toy looks like a stereotypical alien with a big grin on his face. But without his alien-like appearance, he looks like a unpleasant Robot with three eyes. Sometimes, a bright orange light shines in his two normal eyes.

Powers and Abilities

The Super Toy is almost indestructible and with his third eye, he is able to shoot with deadly laser beams.



At the Toy Shop, Augustus want sell something to a mother whose child demolish all his toys. So Fixit thought about his newest invention: a indestructible toy. But Fixit was afraid the toy really lives, so he refused to let Augustus sell him. At his home, Fixit decided to destroy his creation. But the Super Toy tried to run away, so Fixit blow him up with dynamite. But only his "skin" was burned off and his endoskeleton was shown. The Super Toy tried to beat Fixit, but with the help of his MagicPop Fixit destroyed the electronic brain of the robot. But in the deactivated eyes of the Super Toy, a faint light of vengeance to his creator still shines.


  • The scene when Fixit tried to blow up the Super Toy and his endoskeleton was shown is probably a parody to the movie, "The Terminator".